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For ages now I have been searching for an App that I can plan my weekly menu with, drag & drop favourite meals/recipes in and out and then take a tick list shopping list with me shopping to help me get everything I need for the week.
Sadly, until now, no such App existed that I could find and I ended up with a Publisher document planning sheet that I’d fill in on a Sunday night then print out and put on the fridge door and then make do with an on-line grocery order or an app that was just a shopping list.

However, I’ve now found an App that appears to do everything I need it to. It is called Big Oven http://www.bigoven.com/ and although I’m still trying this out, so far it is doing what I want as it works on my PC, tablet and phone.

Incidentally, if you set up a Big Oven account of your own (it’s free) then clicking on the “Save Recipe” link in all the recipes on my web site adds them automatically into your Big Oven account.

Enjoy 🙂